Submissions Guidelines

     Submissions Guidelines

General Information

Cal State Northridge’s Tax Development Journal (TDJ) seeks to publishinnovative, original scholarship that makes a significant contribution to various areas of taxation. The primary purpose of the Journal is to provide in-depth articles on contemporary tax issues with a primary focus on aiding practitioners in the complex and dynamic field of taxation.  The TDJ welcomes articles from professors, practitioners, and students of tax, as well as other related disciplines. The TDJ also invites recent development and book review submissions from Cal State Northridge MST students.

For information on submitting articles to the TDJ, please call the Journal at (818) 677-3600.


We accept submissions on a continuous basis.

The Tax Development Journal is now accepting two types of submissions:

  • Articles: Articles are academic writings which discuss and analyze an original tax issue or problem. The journal considers Article submissions of all lengths, but gives preference to Article submissions of fewer than 20,000 words.
  • Perspectives: Perspectives are writings that are centered around an analysis or critique of a recent case, piece of tax legislation, tax journal article, or tax-related book. Perspectives are significantly shorter than Articles.

All manuscripts should be submitted in English with both text and footnotes typed and double-spaced. Footnotes must conform with The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citationand authors should be prepared to supply any cited sources upon request. All manuscripts submitted become the property of the TDJ and will not be returned to the author.

In addition to the manuscript, authors must include an abstract of not more than 250 words, as well as a cover letter and resume or CV. Authors also mustensure that their submissions include a direct e-mail address and phone number at which they can be reached throughout the review period.

Submitting Manuscripts 

The TDJ strongly prefers electronic submissions via email at

If you choose to email your article, please include the “Manuscript Submission: TITLE OF ARTICLE” in the subject heading. All electronic documents must be in Microsoft

If you are unable to submit electronically, we will accept mailed manuscripts that include an electronic copy on disk or CD.

Please send any hard-copy submissions to:

The Tax Development Journal
The Bookstein Institute for Higher Education in Taxation
California State University, Northridge
18111 Nordhoff Street

Phone: (818) 677-3600 

Fax: (818) 677-4892



Article Acceptance

The TDJ  reserves the right to deny publication to any submission. Once articles are submitted electronically, a team of TDJ editors will review the work and send it out for a double blind review. We expect to get back to authors within eight weeks from the time of submission with a decision relating to publication. Once an article is accepted, it will undergo a more detailed review by members of our technical review panel.

Editorial Process

Given the TDJ’s  goal to offer works responsive to current events or recent developments in taxation, the editorial staff makes every effort to complete the editorial process within two months of an article's acceptance. Authors must be available to be involved fully in this process, and must respond promptly to TDJ editors when requested.

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